Our Directors | Lukka Chhupi

Ritu Rathi

Ritu is the brain behind the art, color, and designs of the LukkaChhupi merchandise. Thanks to her deep knowledge of fashion, a love for children and a strong creative instinct, she has successfully steered the brand’s creative voice as its Co-founder.  

LukkaChhupi has been showcasing its products at Kinder Joy Festival across the country. All the three rounds-Atrang, Tapan, and Navrang in the Kinder Joy festival bear Ritu’s signature styles.

It has not been a smooth ride for Ritu at Lukka Chhupi. Convincing a tradition-loving populace about a new trend is always difficult. It was also important to let people know about the Swadeshi element in the kids’ accessories. But thanks to her ingenious ways, she not only managed to convince the old Delhi crowd of her innovation, but also found a niche.

She has her eyes set on making Lukka Chhupi a major brand and on creating a name for herself in the product designing space. She comes with more than 10 years of experience in the fashion industry. She used to have her own boutique and also worked as a professor of fashion in INIFID (National Institute of Fashion Designing). In order to accomplish that, she continuously enhances her skills in colour psychology. 

Ritu is also an excellent painter. She paints to relax and says it is meditation to her. The fashion designer turned businesswoman would have been a painter had the entrepreneurial bug not bitten her. Her love for art is evident in the products made by Lukka Chhupi. On a personal level, she leads a simple, uncluttered life and spends her time painting and studying fashion. 

Lavanya Rathi

Lavanya Rathi is Co-founder of Lukka Chhupi. She runs the company with professional diligence. She notices every nook and corner, the nitty-gritty of the business and leaves no stone unturned in keeping the business running at top speed.

Prior to Lukka Chhupi, Lavanya Rathi was a professional teacher of spoken English and personality development, and a summer camp coordinator. 

She has earned the respect and love of her teammates at Lukka Chhupi thanks to her persistence, near perfection at work, and unparalleled dedication. It is this persistence that has enabled her to shatter the many myths about sales, small businesses, and women at the helm.

Lavanya has an MA in English Literature and a diploma in fashion designing. Thanks to her specialized knowledge of fashion, she is also involved in the designing of clothes and other accessories. She is determined to bring to fruition the dreams her parents nurtured.

Anand Rathi

Anand Rathi is the Business Head at Lukka Chhupi. Gifted with a creative instinct, he says branding is his “calling”. He is the core of the company, the source of its values and ethics. He has always cared about children and believes that giving better childhood to children will make them healthier adults and active citizens of the country.

Anand Rathi is an expert at multitasking and is involved in a range of activities in the organization. He is involved in every crucial decision of the company. His abilities with multitasking have been instrumental in the smooth growth of the company from a mere idea to an exclusive Brand.

Anand is an emotional person, yet a decisive leader. He is kind, yet pushes his employees to achieve perfection. When asked Anand said “All are complementary qualities, not opposing. Every entrepreneur needs to have a mix of all qualities to have a truly successful company.”

The new age entrepreneur is focused on making Lukka Chhupi a big name. In order to help his company, achieve the zenith of its potential.

The entrepreneur has a degree in commerce and has 18 years of solid experience. He draws inspiration from the PM of India-Narendra Modi and his parents. His father inspires creativity and his mother inspires him to pull up the socks and take responsibility.

The new age entrepreneur is focused on making Lukka Chhupi a big name. He works hard to help his company, achieve the zenith of its potential.