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One day while I was preparing food for my children, I saw them playing with clay. But my heart was in my mouth when they began licking it. I ran and grabbed the clay before they could have swallowed it. That was the day when I gave a serious thought on how I could make their childhood a little more playful and a lot safer!

Over the course of the next few days, I had plenty of discussions with my family members and other parents who were struggling with the same issue. This planted the seeds of creating safe, natural, eco-friendly products for kids, and toxin-free daily-use products for kids. And thus was born Lukka Chuppi.

From the very first, me and my team were clear in our mind that we had to develop products that would boost a child’s creativity and keep them involved for the better part of their time. I immediately set up a temporary R&D lab in my home where I would regularly experiment creating daily-use products that kids could enjoy playing with and at the same time were safe to use. After numerous trials, our efforts finally paid when we came out with products like Dining set for kids, Mathematical Drawing instruments and Educational boards, which were completely toxic-free, natural, safe, and we could happily allow our own kids to use.

When we launched our products, our belief was echoed by parents that bought them for their kids. Our inbox was filled with loving reviews and many called just to say a thank you. I still remember that a mother of two called me to thank that finally her children were having their dinner without making any mess.

We were confident that our products would create a dent in the market but could have never imagined them to be a resounding success. We feel proud that we have offered something that caters to the needs of tiny tots and makes their lives more interesting, fun and a lot safer.

Lukka Chhupi is a brand that celebrates childhood and creativity. It was founded in 2019 with the intention of creating fascinating products for kids. The brand through its products tries to capture the magic of childhood.

Founded by the Rathi Family, Lukka Chhupi is the first indigenous Indian brand that strives to create innovative products for kids. These products make for the perfect gifts for children, whether it is a birthday anniversary or a baby shower.

Lukka Chhupi products are made using the finest raw materials to ensure what kids play with is natural and healthy, unlike other synthetic and harmful toys in the market. Lukka Chhupi guarantees unmatched product quality. Along with quality, these products come with a promise to make childhood memories that are filled with laughter, joy and magic!

Lukka Chhupi aims to make daily activities of children interesting through unique and innovative products. Basically, we reimagine basics. Right now, the product range consists of apparel, dinnerware for kids, colour pencils, drawing books, doodle pads, geometry sets and compass boxes. These products make otherwise boring or tedious moments interesting, as they have been designed to attract kids’ attention. Take, for example, a meal. Getting kids to eat their food can be a challenge. A dinner plate shaped as a lion will not only catch a child’s fancy, but also make the feeding task interesting. It will be the perfect prop for a parent to lure their child into having a sumptuous meal. Similarly, a beautiful geometry set can be the perfect incentive for children in their tweens to practice mathematical problems.

The products are made out of reusable and upcycled materials. Our aim is to reduce plastic and water usage. By using our products, you will be hitting two birds with one stone. One, you buy a child a wonderful gift, plucked from his imagination. Two, you play your part in saving the planet and being a real life Captain Planet!

Let’s tell our kids the story of childhood through Lukka Chhupi products.

The brand that brings joy and wild imagination to reality. We are Lukka Chhupi.

Brand Story

The story of Lukka Chhupi is the story of a parent trying to engage and understand children. The brand is the culmination of 18 years of experience and research by Mr Anand Rathi.

As a father he observed that every moment is moment of wonder for children.Their world is full of fancies, magic and unlimited possibilities. He wanted to create products that capture this essence of childhood. Although, we were all children once, a child’s world becomes alien to adults. Through our products everyone will be able to step into a child’s world and connect with them on their level.

How will these products impact children?

The story of Lukka Chhupi is about fostering a deeper connection with children and helping their imagination find shapes in real life.

All our products appeal to and encourage natural creativity of children. Creativity is the subtle expression of our subconscious minds. Lukka Chhupi products aim to step into a child’s world and inspire them to express their thoughts creatively.