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Childhood is when our brains are the most active. It is the best time to train kids’ imagination. Imagination is the key to success and happiness in the coming times. In the future, many jobs will become automated. The jobs that will remain will demand creativity, which is dependent to a great degree on a person’s imagination.

The moment you read the words imagination and creativity, you think about drawing something. This is because the visual expression of creativity has the deepest impact on us as humans. Creative thinking and imagination are inimically related to intelligence. Hence, it is important to let your children explore and express themselves creatively.

A key factor to honing imagination is to step out of the rigid world of laws and limitations. Children are able to do so effortlessly. Fantastical things have a deep impact on them. They love watching cartoons and love the rhythm of music.

The first step to training their imagination is to let them express their minds through drawings and colours. The world is a fascinating place for children between 5 to 8 years of age. Everything they see makes an impression on them. Art is the best way for them to express these sensations. Getting them a good artbook that stimulates their imagination is a good idea. Doodling various colours and amazing cartoon figures will help them think visually. The positive impact of simple drawing and colouring exercises on children has been well documented. It may be tempting to offer your child a digital platform to do the same activity. However, there are too many benefits to using a colouring book.

The smell of colours and textures of books are said to act as a tactile stimulus for children. It helps them go into a creative space. With every drawing and colouring exercise, the child learns to train his/her imagination. Their focus improves over time and they learn to share their experiences clearly. Their grasp of metaphors improves.

The greatest impact of these imagination exercises is that it helps the child create an identity and appreciate his/her own perspective on things. Their self-esteem and confidence begin to soar. Creating something new or different becomes their hobby. All these characteristics are extremely helpful for them in the future.

Many thoughtfully designed products are being created for children. The best example is Lukka Chhupi’s Doodle Doo. This thoughtfully designed product will help your child to love to colour with its engaging designs.

Such exercise books help children immensely. These are not just a colouring exercise, but a foundation of healthy character that helps them face the future with confidence. It is time to stop bombarding children with information and to start working on their expression that will shape their imagination and character.

How do you want your child to turn out? What kind of a person any parent wants his/her child to become? To put it in a few words, a person who is social, cheerful, playful, who has lovely friends and acquaintances, and who has a healthy and loving relationship with his family. This is more or less the kind of person every parent wants his child to become. Now, let me ask you another question: What things is your child playing with?

The things your child likes to play with will have a big effect on his psychology and behaviour. The ‘good’ toys engage your child in healthy play and are safe (non-toxic) in nature. Your child will learn many things from them, and his spatial and interpersonal abilities will be developed and enhanced. The ‘bad’ toys are most of the electronic toys out there, the worst being cellphones. Cellphones not only prevent your child from developing a healthy relationship with his caregiver, but also deprives him of his natural creativity and ability to imagine.

Several studies conducted across the world attest to the facts above. Imagine taking your baby to a family function and he is not interested in playing with his cousins or responding to the caresses of his aunts and uncles. Sad sight, isn’t it? But you can change this behaviour by simply giving them the right stuff to play with that increases their interactive behaviour with people. At meal times, you let them watch videos on the internet to keep them engaged while you stuff their mouth with food. Bad. The healthy way to keep them engaged is to feed them from a plate that is shaped like a car. A case in point is Lukka Chhupi’s Honk Honk meal set. It keeps the child engaged while he keeps interacting with his Mummy. Plus, it is eco-friendly which makes it safe for the child to handle. I’m sure you see the picture, and agree it’s a happier one.

Another good example that comes to mind is the Slate Mate by Lukka Chhupi, that includes a drawing slate for kids along with colour chalks. Children learn better when they learn through tools they can hold and feel by touch. It is better for your child to choose from the colour chalks from the Slate Mate set and draw whatever he wants on the slate. This allows a free release of imagination through a process that enhances your child’s hand- eye coordination. Can you imagine this? I’m sure you’ll admit that it’s a prettier situation compared to one where your child is sitting still with a smart phone for half-an hour straight.

In conclusion, mind the things you give in your child’s hands. Anything that encourages interaction, imagination and creativity is good for him. When you are a better judge of these things, you become a better parent.